Multisport & Triathlon Endurance Diary

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Multisport and Triathlon Endurance Diary
is an iPhone application created to assit with training for and competing in multisport and triathlon events.

Triathlon & Multisport Endurance Diary is your complete Endurance Sport Training Log and Diary.

Whether you're training for a personal best Ironman or aiming to complete your first Triathlon or Marathon, Triathlon & Multisport Endurance Diary will track your progress and help you achieve your goals.

  • Export your data to any PC/MAC in text/csv or database format for further analysis with PC or Mac based database software or spreadsheet software.
  • Graph information about all Activity and Health records with an enormous variety of options to accurately track and reflect your training progress.
  • Record data in metric (km,kg etc) or imperial units (mile,lbs etc)
  • Track in real time your current speed and distance for your current activity using the internal GPS (iPhone or iPod Touch with GPS requiured) then save as a new Activity record.
  • Record Health data including weight, BMI, Blood Pressure etc.
  • Record Activity details for every training session, and automatically calculate speed, and pace.

This application is the easiest way to track your training and health progress and includes an advanced graphing engine to quickly view progress and zoom in to particular months, weeks, or days.

You will realize very quickly after a couple of weeks use how useful this permanent record of your training is going to be.

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